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PART NO: 07622
5.3 Gallon Jerry Can..
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BND 48.00
PART NO: 07539
6.6 Gallon Jerry Can..
Sale Price
BND 54.00
PART NO: 07081 (New)
1.25 Gallon Jerry Can..
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BND 26.00
PART NO: 03711
5 Gallon Diesel (Yellow Nozz..
Sale Price
BND 56.00
PART NO: 07079
2.5 Gallon Jerry Can (New Ty..
Sale Price
BND 36.00
PART NO: 05092
5 Gallon Kerosene Can..
Sale Price
BND 56.00
Tips for Energy Saving

Energy conservation is now a global interest. Our country, Brunei Darussalam, is fortunate to have an abundant source of energy in the form of oil and natural gas. The country economy depends to a large extent on the export of oil and natural gas for the revenue they generate. These resources, however, are exhaustible and will deplete at some point. To ensure that our current lifestyle does not compromise the future generation needs, and for the continued prosperity of our country, it is crucial for Brunei Darussalam to take steps to conserve energy.

The simplest way to participate in conserving energy is to start at home. To conserve energy resources and to help slow global warming at the same time through small changes, why not try applying easy steps for energy saving in your everyday life?

This pamphlet presents tips for saving energy at home, including information on wiser choices in purchasing houshold electrical appliances, smarter tips for using houshold electrical appliances, and smarter ways for driving automobiles.


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